Where is Jon laid to rest?

Jon's wish was to be cremated and his ashes to be scattered in his beloved North Wales. His son Mark chose the poignant and tranquil location of Harlech Castle which overlooks the town, the coast and, a place Jon had spent so much time as a young man and steam train enthusiast - the railway station. Many thanks to Harlech Castle (CADW) for their kind permission to scatter Jon's ashes in the moat.

Why did Jon decide to semi-retire in 1991?

The main reason was due to the fact that around about this time, line-dancing was fast becoming very popular, however, it was spliting the scene in two and causing a rift amongst fans of the music. Venues had to decide whether to keep things the same or embrace the line-dancers. Jon was not prepared to change his show at such a late stage in his career just to suit two different audiences. He therefore decided to call it a day as a full-time artiste and make himself available only for selected 'traditional dance' venues.

Who were Jon's Country Music influences and favourite artistes?

The early music of Hank Williams really influenced Jon before turning his attention to George Jones and Buck Owens. He also liked Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard, Hank Locklin and Jim Reeves.

Who was Jon's favourite non-Country Music  artiste?

Tommy Steele

Who are the backing singers on 'Till The Rivers All Run Dry' and 'Makin' Believe'?

Clodagh Rodgers and her sister Lavinia

How did Jon make it so big in Malta of all places?

It was mainly due to the BBC and its 'British Overseas' network programmes. Presenter, David Allan placed Jon's double A-side single 'Till The Rivers All Run Dry'/'Makin' Believe' top of his play list. A British Forces radio station in Valletta then picked up on the record and did the same. Subsequently, Vince Laus of Radio Malta then went on to promote the record too, which was backed up with plenty of coverage in the national press - 'Malta News' and 'Times of Malta'.

After the success of 'Till The Rivers All Run Dry' and 'Makin' Believe', did Jon release any other songs on the Decca label?

There were plans for an album to be released soon after the release of the single but Decca Records sold out to Polygram and, the new label decided not to continue with a 'Country' division. The 'Country' back-catalogue was sold, however, Jon obtained the rights to the five tracks that he had already recorded for Decca at the time and later included them on an album that was released in 1984 entitled 'Goin' Back' which became the fastest selling British country music album of it's time. 

Why were 'Country Fever' asked to appear on the RCA Country Stars tour in 1969?

Country Fever were the only non-RCA recording artists to be included hence why their name appears in smaller print on promotional material. Throughout 1969, they had toured with and backed many overseas artistes and due to their expertise in this field, they were added to the tour to back two of the US artistes on the bill - Connie Smith and Nat Stuckey + they also had their own spot on the show.

Did Jon have a crush on any of the lovely women he worked with?

Yes...Olivia Newton-John was his ultimate favourite.