Jon was featured on many of the early 'Wembley Country Music Festivals' - did he appear at any of the latter ones?

Yes he did, in fact, he was at the majority of them throughout the 1970's and early to mid 1980's and then returned for the 1991 festival. If he wasn't billed to appear on the main Wembley stage then he could invariably be found presenting the 'Best of British Talent Show' which was held next door in the Wembley Conference Centre. Furthermore, he was also often drafted back into the main arena as a session musician to help out some of the star names.  

Are there any Jon Derek CD's available?

Jon was around at the time of vinyl and then cassettes therefore, everything he recorded throughout his career was released on those formats only. To date, there are no official CD's available, however, there is a possibility that a 'Best Of' CD will be released at some point.

Jon was once managed by Don Arden - the name is familiar, who was he?

Don Arden was a well-known manager and agent who managed acts such as the 'Small Faces' 'The Nashville Teens' and 'The Move'. He was nicknamed 'The English Godfather', 'Mr Big' and the 'Al Capone of Pop' for various reasons! His daughter is Sharon Osbourne. Don Arden was responsible for the Jamie, Jon and Jerry recording deal with 'Decca Records' in 1967.

Dick Rowe produced 'You've Still Got A Place In My Heart' for Jamie, Jon & Jerry in 1967. Why is he so well known?

Dick Rowe was the A&R man at Decca Records for many years and one of the most important producers and record executives in the 1950's & 1960's. He signed acts such as 'The Rolling Stones', 'The Moody Blues' and 'Tom Jones' but unfortunately he was also known as the man who turned down 'The Beatles'!

Did Jon write any songs?

Yes, he was an accomplished songwriter and some of his works are published with Carlin Music. In fact, in 1976 an album was released entitled 'Songs I Have Written'. Furthermore, his own compositions were often released on the B-sides of his singles.

Is it true Jon appeared in some movies?

Yes it is... but not be confused with the American actor John Derek. Our Jon Derek was on the books of Barbara Speaks Agency and did some 'bit parts' on movies with such actors as; Charlton Heston, Betty Davis and Kim Novak among others.

Apparently Jon's Gibson J200 Jumbo guitar was greatly admired by fellow artistes - anyone in particular?

Yes...many of the top American artistes Jon worked with seemed to like borrowing it! There are photos of such people as Bill Anderson, Charley Pride and Hank Locklin all playing it.