‘Hat-trick for Jon Derek & Country Fever’


The Renegades CMC awards night held at the Town Hall, Wirksworth was well worth the journey. The club's ‘Top Group’ award went deservedly to Jon Derek & Country Fever making a hat-trick for them after their previous successes at Basingstoke and Leicester.



Jon Derek has been one of Great Britain’s most famous names on the Country Music scene since the year 1200 B.C. – Now that is not strictly true but it just seems that way to anyone who knows anything about the music, because the name of Country Fever has become synonymous with Country Music throughout recent history in these islands, and therefore, with the title ‘Country Fever’ goes the name Jon Derek. And with the name Jon Derek goes ‘Country Music’ and with Country Music goes ‘Country Fever'.


Throughout the years Jon has always gathered round him the finest collection of musicians and though the personnel may have changed from time to time, neither the standard, the image nor the finished product has ever changed from anything other than excellent and highly professional.


Country Fever have made more European and British nationwide tours than could possibly be imagined. Many of the greatest American stars owe much of their success within Europe’s boundaries to the superb backing provided by ‘Jon and Co’. Television and Radio programmes have on many occasions been the richer for featuring their talents.


It would be easy to write a million words but let this final comment suffice – Jon Derek and Country Fever have done it all.


Taken from the 1980 PETERBOROUGH COUNTRY MUSIC FESTIVAL - Souvenir Programme 

If you need an introduction to Jon Derek you are probably sitting in the wrong tent. However, just in case someone has dropped in after an extended stay on Jupiter or Mars and has missed the last twenty years, perhaps a few words may not come amiss. Jon Derek and Country Fever are not only a first class band in their own right, but they are also the band chosen to back the visiting Americans (Tommy Cash, Hank Locklin & Barbara Fairchild) who are topping the bill on Friday night, Saturday afternoon and Sunday night.


Taken from the 1984 PETERBOROROUGH COUNTRY MUSIC FESTIVAL - Souvenir Programme

'Peterborough Country Music Festival'


Possibly around the British Country Music scene for more years than he cares to remember, Jon Derek's music is always quality stuff. Saddled with the responsibilty of backing most of the bill-topping American acts, here in his own spot the material was classic country.



‘Classy Jon tops bill’


I watched most of the top bands at last year’s Norfolk Country Festival and for sheer class was most impressed with the performance of Jon Derek and Country Fever. This extremely talented band feature at the Apollo Club, Harleston tomorrow.