Jon was a keen steam railway enthusiast.  In his spare time he built a vast collection of model steam trains and also wrote a book some years ago called 'The Cambrian Coast Express...Through The Window'. He spent alot of his early days at his beloved Harlech Station in North Wales and would often return on visits.

Another journey meant another stop somewhere at a heritage railway!

Hosting St David's Day! Jon was very proud of his Welsh heritage. Both his parents originated from North Wales and Jon spent alot of his early days in Harlech. History was another of Jon's interests - he was writing a book all about the history of Welsh King's and Queen's which sadly was very near completion at the time of his death.

Jon, born March 10th, was a 'Pisces' and loved a pint or three of Draught Guinness!! He was known for it and even in the days when Guinness wasn't so widely available, venues would especially get a few cans in for Jon whenever he was due to perform there!

"How many have we got there? Jon Derek will be here any minute!"