The George Hamilton IV Tour (1972)

Jon Derek worked with his good friend George Hamilton IV many times during his career.  They first toured together in 1969 when Jon's band 'Country Fever' were part of the 'RCA Stars In Concert' show.  Country Fever also appeared on his television series 'The George Hamilton IV Show' and they backed him at the 'Wembley Country Music Festivals' on a couple of occasions.  It was the notable 21-date 'Up Country' tour in 1972 though that will always be well remembered.


The show featured George Hamilton IV, The Stoneman Family, Country Fever, Pete Sayers, Murray Cash and Lyn & Graham McCarthy. Special guest Sammi Smith made only one appearance and that was at the Royal Albert Hall (October 26th).  Country Fever also backed George throughout the tour.

Jon Derek & George Hamilton IV

(Pictured together on stage at the Hemel Hempstead Pavilion -

November 1972)

A letter from George Hamilton IV to Jon Derek following the

'Up Country' tour in 1972