Mark...So sorry to hear about your Dad. He was a friend of mine and playing steel guitar for him was one of the highlights of my life. He will be missed by many and British country music has lost an icon. Rest in peace Jon.


JOHN DAVIS (Musician)

Mark...I am so shocked to hear of your Dad's death. It was Jon who got me into country music back in the 60's. They were really good times and great music.


LEE WILLIAMS (Broadcaster / Promoter)

Such sad news!! After several years working with a handful of UK pop-singers (Eden Kane, Marty Wilde, Billy Fury, etc) I was approached to join a country music band in about 1965. My first reaction was one of horror! "I don't even like country music!" So he said, "Come with me to the Red Lion, Brentford this Sunday lunch-time and I promise you'll have a good time..." Well I did!  The great Jon Derek was fronting the band. I found that I loved all the material - I can still recall a huge part of Jon's enormous repertoire and his perfect and distinctive vocal style - and I fell in love with the music. - I saw Jon and the band many times after that - you couldn't keep me away!! Thanks for all the great music, Jon Derek - you'll be missed and I know you won't be forgotten.



Sorry to hear about Jon - he was a great mate and worked lots with 'West Virginia'. He will be sadly missed by us all in country music.



Mark...I was shocked and saddened yesterday to hear from Gerry Hogan of your father's death. The news tore a big hole in my side. Those few years we shared in the late 1950's and early 60's gave me some of the most magical moments in my life, and the memories of those times will never disappear. - I still vividly remember his 21st birthday celebration and the splendid tea your grandmother prepared, her beautiful soft Welsh accent and the house in which they all lived in Newbury where I was a frequent visitor.



Jon Derek - A British hero. Rest in peace good friend and thanks for so many happy memories.


BRIAN AHERN (Journalist)

It was a pleasure to be a part of Country Fever with Jon in the early 70's. Very sad to hear of his demise.



Mark...I came up playing alongside your Dad, Jamie Gunn and Gerry Hogan. Jon was not only a great performer but just a really nice bloke to be around. He gave me my first big break as a steel player and he also wrote the liner notes for my first band's album. He was simply 'The Best'.


RAY KEDGE (Musician)

Mark...Jon fronted my band in the late 80's and did a splendid job as usual. He will be sadly missed.


KEVIN DUFFY (Musician)