JON DEREK (Vocals/Rhythm Guitar)

JAMIE GUNN (Bass Guitar/Vocals)

GERRY HOGAN (Pedal Steel Guitar)








Johnny and The Hayriders were spotted by well-known BBC disc jockey, Jack Jackson in 1966. He invited them to record a demo at his studio in Rickmansworth. He liked the band but not their name, so he suggested a name change to 'The Flintlocks'.

The Flintlocks, as they were now known, later returned to 'Jackson Studios' and, under the guidance of his producer sons, Malcolm and John Jackson, they recorded a single What Goes On originally written and recorded by 'The Beatles' but rearranged for The Flintlocks in a Buck Owens country style. Jon told a newspaper journalist, “I bet the critics knock hell out of it. They won’t like it at all. They are bound to say it’s just another Beatles copy but it isn’t, it’s done the way we want it.” The single was released June 3, 1966 on the Decca Records label and sold 900 copies in the first four days. 

The same month, The Flintlocks supported and backed American country star, Eddy Arnold (photo above) at the 'Radio Caroline Night Out' show staged at the Wimbledon Palais in London (June 18, 1966). Also appearing on the bill was Tom Jones. 


Four members of The Flintlocks pictured in 1966 - Jon Derek (far left)


With proceeds from sales of their first record, the group bought a brand new Ford Transit Minibus costing £900.

Decca Records publicity

Due to the sudden popularity of The Flintlocks, a fan club was set up and the first edition of their 'What Goes On' newsletter/magazine was published in September 1966. 


The Flintlocks embarked on a 10-day tour of Scotland in the autumn of 1966 with performances in Keith (Longmore Hall), Forres, Aberdeen, Montrose, Elgin (Two Red Shoes Ballroom), Nairn (Ballerina Ballroom), Tain (Town Hall) and Lossiemouth.


Don Arden

By late 1966, vocalist Jackie Collins had left the band to emigrate to Australia and the band's contract was bought out by a top impresario - the infamous music mogul, Don Arden (who at the time also managed 'The Small Faces' and 'The Nashville Teens').