Mark Derek with his good friends Chas & Dave

(Skegness Embassy Theatre - August 2013)

Mark Derek with good family friend...the internationally renowned guitarist Albert Lee

(Newark Palace Theatre - October 2012)

Mark Derek (Bottom Left) pictured with Charlie Landsborough (Top Left) - Nicky Campbell (Top Right) - Talia Smith & Kelly Lee (Middle Right) - Thelma & Charlie Landsborough (Bottom Right) - Tony Byworth (Bottom Middle)

(British Country Music Awards 2012 - London)

Pictured with family friend...former Country Fever member Gerry Hogan (Hogan's Heroes)

(Newbury, Berkshire 2012)

Mark Derek pictured with singer Caroline King

(The Ruddy Duck Country Music Festival - Kings Lynn 2012)

Mark Derek with his favourite country band 'Lonestar'

(Backstage at Wembley Arena - February 2012)

Mark Derek pictured with Texan star Will Banister (Left) - the legendary Ricky Skaggs (Above Right)

and Irish entertainer John McNicholl (Below Right)

(International Festival of Country Music 2012 - Wembley Arena)

Gotcha!! Like father like son...Mark Derek enjoying

a pint of his favourite Draught Guinness

(The Church - Dublin, Ireland 2011)