Mark...I am so saddened to hear about your father Jon. I worked with him playing bass on and off throughout the seventies and early eighties. He was the best then and would still show the new "country singers" of today how it should be done. The tours we used to do were very hard work with a lot of travelling, but we also had a lot of fun. They were great times together, I was lucky to have been there, loved the man and his singing talent. I only have good memories of my times with him.



Mark...I am so sorry to hear this terrible news. I spent a good portion of my life on the road with your daddy. Please accept my deepest sympathies. Keep in touch buddy.



How sorry I was to hear of Jon's passing, a great loss to British country music. I was lucky to be part of Jon Derek's Country Fever when he spent a few years in Huddersfield and he was like a breath of fresh air with his outlook on life and the way he perfomed his music, it was second to none. He taught me many things. Myself, Tony Howarth and Mark Jordon were Yorkshire's Country Fever and had the pleasure of recording Goin' Back with Jon at Look Records along with other fine musicians back in 1984 - it was a great experience and I'm proud to have known Jon and to have been part of his life for the time he spent in Golcar. 'As Far As I'm Concerned', you were the best.


STU PETERS (Musician)

Mark...So sad to hear the news.  I went to see your Dad a few times – nice man.  I thought his song ‘Hey Duke You Got True Grit’ was a super recording.  I played golf last year with the promoter of the Wembley Festivals, Mervyn Conn. He told me that the festivals ran for around 20 years and that Jon was the stalwart of the programme for most of these years. Once again, I am very, very sorry.


PAT POCOCK (Former Surrey & England Cricketer)

Country Fever turned me on to country music when I saw them at London's 'Nashville Rooms' in 1968. Jon was the perfect frontman & Albert's playing was breath-taking. In 1980 I was privileged to photograph them with Don Everly backstage at Wembley. The following year I was able to capture the magic moment when Jon was the centre of attention singing along with George Jones, Tammy Wynette, Marty Robbins etc. at the Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington. They all clearly respected him. I really enjoyed Jon's company and was saddened to hear of your great loss Mark. Well done with this tribute website to a lovely man.


GRAHAM BARKER (Photographer)

Jon was a friend of mine. He was a big contributor to country music in the UK. A great loss to the music world. R.I.P.


ALAN HOPE (Politician)

It's no exaggeration to say that Jon helped shape the sort of music I enjoy listening to. Jon always managed to recruit great musicians to his band. I remember Jon as a nice guy as well as a talented musician.  I hope the warmth and respect which people have for him helps in a small way with the sadness of his absence, now that he has gone to the great gig in the sky.



Sorry is not the word, l'm so sad to hear about Jon. l loved him very much. Without him l would never have gone down the road of entertainment as far as l did without all he taught me and his friendship too. It was a nice journey l will always cherish.


JAMIE GUNN (Musician)

We used to book Jon and Country Fever in the 70's and 80's. He was a brilliant performer and a great person.


JIM DUNCAN (Promoter)

Mark...So sorry to hear about your Dad. He was a friend of mine and playing steel guitar for him was one of the highlights of my life. He will be missed by many and British country music has lost an icon. Rest in peace Jon.


JOHN DAVIS (Musician)

Mark...I am so shocked to hear of your Dad's death. It was Jon who got me into country music back in the 60's. They were really good times and great music.


LEE WILLIAMS (Broadcaster / Promoter)

Such sad news!! After several years working with a handful of UK pop-singers (Eden Kane, Marty Wilde, Billy Fury, etc) I was approached to join a country music band in about 1965. My first reaction was one of horror! "I don't even like country music!" So he said, "Come with me to the Red Lion, Brentford this Sunday lunch-time and I promise you'll have a good time..." Well I did!  The great Jon Derek was fronting the band. I found that I loved all the material - I can still recall a huge part of Jon's enormous repertoire and his perfect and distinctive vocal style - and I fell in love with the music. - I saw Jon and the band many times after that - you couldn't keep me away!! Thanks for all the great music, Jon Derek - you'll be missed and I know you won't be forgotten.



Sorry to hear about Jon - he was a great mate and worked lots with 'West Virginia'. He will be sadly missed by us all in country music.



Mark...I was shocked and saddened yesterday to hear from Gerry Hogan of your father's death. The news tore a big hole in my side. Those few years we shared in the late 1950's and early 60's gave me some of the most magical moments in my life, and the memories of those times will never disappear. - I still vividly remember his 21st birthday celebration and the splendid tea your grandmother prepared, her beautiful soft Welsh accent and the house in which they all lived in Newbury where I was a frequent visitor.



Jon Derek - A British hero. Rest in peace good friend and thanks for so many happy memories.


BRIAN AHERN (Journalist)

Mark...So very sorry to hear about Jon. Met him a few times and he got up with our band and sang some great songs, he was the nearest I've heard to my idol George Jones. He could still teach a few people today on the present country circuit and will be missed by all who knew him. RIP Jon


TONY COOK (Musician)

Mark...I came up playing alongside your Dad, Jamie Gunn and Gerry Hogan. Jon was not only a great performer but just a really nice bloke to be around. He gave me my first big break as a steel player and he also wrote the liner notes for my first band's album. He was simply 'The Best'.


RAY KEDGE (Musician)

Mark...As a fan of your dad's from the Pontin's days, I would like to send my sincere condolences to you and your family. He was a brilliant musician and singer - my hero. He will be missed by his fans. RIP Jon Derek.